Bankruptcy Law in Rhode Island

If you need an attorney who is familiar with bankruptcy law in Rhode Island, the Law Offices Of David Hathaway will be ready to get to work on your behalf. We understand this can be a difficult decision for you, which is why we want to be by your side to make sure all your bases are covered. Since we offer local representation, we can assist your filing in a manner that's conducive to your personal circumstances.

Exploring the Options

We emphasize the importance of taking our clients through their available options. If we agree that bankruptcy is the appropriate solution to your financial situation, our attorney will help you complete the process accurately and strive to minimize any potential damage. We'll also be more than happy to talk over alternative methods that might give you some relief.

When you need assistance with a bankruptcy law matter in Warwick, RI, come to the Law Offices Of David Hathaway. Call us today to schedule an appointment.